Have you ever broken a prop on a boat? I can't tell you how many times I have. Right in my own back yard.

So... that's why I built this site.

I'd like it to become a user contributed hazard database.
Potholes in the roads, Underwater obstructions you just can't see from your boat... You get the idea. Anything!
Now, I know that NOAA provides alot of very good data in their charts, but, they don't cover everything. I hope we can compensate for that here.

Please use this site to add hazards relevant to each tab (context).
To add or edit a hazard you created, click on the map and then expand the hazard section under the map, editing the fields to provide relevant data.
To refresh the known hazards at a given zoom level, use the link under the map.

We only show the first 64 hazards we find at a given zoom level, if you don't see one you're after, try zooming in a bit.

Use the forum tab or the chat link from the listing to discuss a particular item with others.

Useful links:
   NOAA online chart viewer
   Gulf of Mexico Marine Debris Project
   National Marine Electronics Association

GPS Info:
   What is GPS
   GPS Coordinate system

Google maps:
   Thank you google for providing such a great tool and a great API

Hazmap is built on the following great technologies:
   Google maps

Some useful links:
   Places of Interest blog
   Navy Atomic Clock
   NOAA Tidal data
   Triumph Boat Owners Forum
   ATV Fan
   Thumper Talk
   Boat US
   US National Park Service
   Rock Climbing
   New England Ice Climbing
   Summit Post
   National Outdoor Leadership School
   The Access Fund
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   The Shawangunks (Gunks)

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